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8 WEEKS | $195 +HST

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Start off on the right paw by introducing your new puppy or newly adopted dog to basic obedience and manners in our Grade 1 Level Class. Our fun and engaging curriculum focuses on creating a calm, well-mannered pet through positive reinforcement and science based training, with an emphasis on socialization. Our class sizes are kept small in order to facilitate a better, calmer learning environment with individual attention from our trainers. Over the course of 8 weeks, learn to teach your dog to focus under distractions, teach them rocket recall and critical ‘every day’ commands such as "Leave It", "Sit" and "Down". In addition, we cover a variety of topics important to new dog owners such as how to properly meet and greet other dogs and humans, and how to manage common problem behaviours such as mouthing, leash pulling and barking. We are here to help you succeed!

PREREQUISITES: Dogs of all ages welcome, but must be friendly. Please see our assessment option if you are unsure of your dog’s suitability for our classes.

6 WEEKS | $175 +HST

Sophomore year can come with its own struggles as our dogs age through adolescence, so let us help you continue to foster a positive relationship with your dog. In this fun class, we build on behaviours taught in our Grade 1 while also addressing common regression issues in training. Our curriculum focuses on teaching your dog to engage and focus on you in any environment, and builds upon critical behaviours such as "Stay" and "Go to and Relax on a Mat". We introduce a “Wait”, and begin to teach the foundations of heeling through rear end awareness. We lay out the steps to manage and fix common problem behaviours such as barking at the door and jumping on guests, and you will learn how to properly phase out food during training, build toy drive, and build your dog’s confidence through body awareness. With a curriculum tailored to meet the needs of each dog, our trainers are equipped to help you reach a higher level of training and really impress your neighbours and friends, all while enjoying the time you spend with your beloved dog.

PREREQUISITES: Grade 1 graduate, or able to demonstrate Grade 1 behaviours.

6 WEEKS | $175 +HST

Who says obedience can’t be fun?! At this advanced level, we emphasize building prolonged focus and motivation for a variety of skills, and creating new and challenging behaviours such as heeling in sequence and group exercises with other dogs as the distraction! We will teach advanced "Stays", "Distance commands" and "Send outs", and build upon Loose Leash Walking. We introduce Scent Work and also how to start working off leash. We also go back to the basics and continue to build upon mat training, "Recall" and "Sits/Downs" in motion! Our trainers compete competitively in Obedience and Rally Obedience with their titled dogs and consequently they are able to use their expertise and skills to help your dog become a superstar in their own right!

This class is recommended for dogs who need extra stimulation, or who are considering entering sports such as Agility/Rally Obedience.

PREREQUISITES: Grade 2 graduate required.

6 WEEKS | $175 +HST

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If you are looking for a great brain teaser for your dog between obedience levels, or an alternative to obedience training, try our Engagement and Play Series! This course is formulated to meet your goals! Whether it be for your dog to calmly lay on his mat while you leave the room, or for your dog to spin in circles or jump in your arms, we have the tools, props and experience to teach you!

This class is a great option for dogs who need extra mental stimulation, or who are entering into Sports such as Agility/Rally-Obedience!

PREREQUISITES: Grade 1 graduate preferred, or demonstration of basic command knowledge.

6 WEEKS | $175 +HST

Calling all pullers! This workshop is geared towards dogs who easily lose focus on a walk and excessively pull. We aim to make walking with your dog an enjoyable experience! With a curriculum that concentrates on creating a focused, calm dog while integrating impulse control exercises, we aim to structure your walks in a fun and safe way! This workshop is hands on and uses obstacle courses with distractions to teach your dog to focus on you in all scenarios, while progressively challenging your skills each week so that you may succeed in the real world!

PREREQUISITES: No previous class experience required. Must come with a 6FT Leash and Flat Collar or a harness/Halti. No Flexi style leashes. Please note this is NOT for reactive dogs!

Private Lessons


Not all dogs find a classroom environment to be a positive and fun place to be, whether it be the cause of nervousness, over stimulation or aggression issues. Increased levels of stress and frustration decreases learning in our companions, so it is no surprise that many dogs benefit from a personalized training plan that includes a trainer coming in to the home to coach and assist your family in common behaviour problems. These issues can range from Separation Anxiety and matters that stem solely from the home such as Resource Guarding, to Loose Leash Walking problem solving! This is also a great option for reactive dogs- you will learn about triggers, management, thresholds and humane, effective methods for dealing with dogs who may feel unsure in various situations. Without the distraction of other dogs and people, our trainers can zone in on an appropriate plan to solve the issue at hand for you and your family, and can offer management support for long term success. Puppy Love London is committed to you and your dog’s success, and therefore offers Private Lessons at an affordable rate in order for you to gain one-on-one time with our trainers on your schedule, on your terms. Two trainers are available for optimal flexibility in scheduling. Private training can be anywhere in the city of London and we provide ongoing email support for the issues discussed. Many issues will require multiple private sessions to cover different aspects, as well as follow up with more exercises once the dogs have shown sign of improvement.

Package Deal: Since most training requires more than one session, we have built a package of four training sessions. If purchased together and used within 6 months, the rate of four sessions drops to $75/session, which is $300 plus HST.

Home School Program

8 sessions over 2 weeks | $295 +HST

This program allows Puppy Love London’s trainers to work one-on-one with your dog in a familiar environment, and can help target any problem behaviours you may be experiencing. This type of training is advantageous for dogs as learning at home sets them up for success.  After the two-week solo training period, our trainers hold an hour long session which then includes the whole family showcasing the behaviours taught to the dog, and presenting a report card for long term success. 



Course length:

•   Free initial one hour consult

•   2 weeks solo sessions - 3x30 minute training periods per week (trainer and dog only)

•   Follow-up one hour session with family once training is complete

Course cost: $295 +tax. Additional 1/2 hour training sessions available for $35 upon course completion



Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do your trainers have?

DANIELLE is a certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behaviour College. She was certified in 2014 and has been training clients since. Regular course work, hands on externship programs with talented trainers, and volunteer training hours spent at animal shelters were all part of the program. She graduated at the top of her class. Although she is a certified trainer, she has hired two exceptional dog trainers to take the majority of the training classes and sessions so that she can focus on running the business.

ALISON -Worked at local kennel from 2011-2012 (hands on handling experience, basics of grooming, basics of training using +P -R, received one on one training with head trainer, worked board and trains + helped with classes; Agility, Rally O, Obedience, + Show handling,) -Worked with local Obedience school 2012-2016 including 2 year apprenticeship + mentorship, taught basic, intermediate, advanced, and reactive dog classes. Assisted trainer across Ontario with a stunt dog show. -Completed IAABC Fundamentals Of Animal Learning and behaviour Course, -Completed 4PawsUniversity Cooperative Canine: Making Partners In Their Own Care Webinar -Certificate with Canine Good citizen with “Kingston” Orxyes Left To My Own Devise -Completed the following titles with The Canadian Kennel Club with “Kingston” Oryxes Left To My Own Devise: Pre-Novice, Companion Dog, Rally Novice with scores in 80-high 90’s) -Completed the following Titles with CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) with Kingston + Sheldon. They both have received titles in Rally Novice with scores in the 90’s. Kingston has completed his Rally Advanced with scores in the 90’s

SOPHIA - 2 Year Apprenticeship and Mentorship with Dog Trainer (behavioural cases, puppy classes, stunt dog tricks) - Completed IAABC Fundamentals of Animal Learning and Behaviour Course - Completed Pet Professional Guild Course on Low Stress Handling Techniques - Completed Pet Professional Guild Course on Separation Anxiety in Dogs - Certificate in Canine Good Citizen Course Completed - Completed the following titles with current dog with the Canadian Kennel Club: Pre-Novice, Companion Dog, Rally Novice, Rally Intermediate with High in Trials.

Are you insured?

We are insured and bonded which gives our clients ease of mind when leaving their beloved pets with a pet professional.

Does your team participate in professional development?

Our training team is seriously passionate about your success. We want to see you have a happy and healthy relationship with your dog! Our team is constantly learning, researching, taking courses, and staying on top of the latest science-based training techniques of positive reinforcement.

How do your classes cater to individual dog’s training needs?

We offer a whole range of training classes to help you succeed, no matter what kind of dog you have. If you have a shy dog, we have confidence building exercises, if you have a high energy dog we offer a fun tricks class, if you have a dog who excels with obedience, we have more challenging obedience classes to join.

How do you provide custom training for each dog?

Our trainers will tailor curriculum for your dog. We realize that not all dogs are the same, so we are able to make exercises more challenging for the dogs thriving, and make it easier for those who may not understand right away. Some dogs may be nervous and not enjoy group classes. Instead, we can offer private in-home sessions.

Do you have a network of professionals that you collaborate with?

Our trainers work closely with many other trainers, groomers, pet store owners and dog walkers in the city. We have the common goal of providing the best care we can for dog owners, so we work with each other to provide the best possible services to our clients. We will refer back and forth when needed, and it is this sense of teamwork with other pet professionals that makes us special.

What is your training and dog care style?

Our team uses positive reinforcement techniques with your dog at all times. This means no yanking on leash, no “alpha rolls”, and no being forced to do anything they don’t want to do. We prefer kindness and giving your dog a choice. We encourage with treats, and toys and high pitched voices which dogs react positively toward.

What if I have questions about my dog’s health or wellness?

We are here to support you ALL the time. Do you have a health related question, or a training question? Ask us! Use us as one of your pet resources! If we are unable to answer right away, we will do the reaserach or refer to you individuals who can help you. We LOVE our Puppy Love Family and want to see you and your dog succeed!

Do you offer any dog training discounts?

Puppy Love London offers those on disability 20% off all training services including private sessions and classes. We also run occassional social media promotions, so keep your eyes peeled.

What if I have questions about my dog’s health or wellness?

We are here to support you ALL the time. Do you have a health related question, or a training question? Ask us! Use us as one of your pet resources! If we are unable to answer right away, we will do the reaserach or refer to you individuals who can help you. We LOVE our Puppy Love Family and want to see you and your dog succeed!

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation policy for Private Training Session Please note that 50% will be charged if training session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. The trainer has booked time off for this session, so it is important to arrange ahead of time if rescheduling must happen. Cancellation Policy for Missed Training Class Please note that there are no make-up classes for classes missed in a stretch of training classes. No reimbursement can be made. We will, however, provide you with written class details, and happy to provide homework and exercises for you to work on in the meantime! Let us know in advance if you will need to miss a class!