"Read what our clients have to say about our team"


"Our Elsie is a high energy fun loving Springer Spaniel and Puppy Love London was so supportive and helpful in our puppy classes. Alison, Sophia, and Danielle are patient, encouraging and amazingly talented. Thank you for teaching us as much as you taught Elsie. I also highly recommend the puppy play time as it was great to learn what healthy and safe dog play looks like, plus we brought home a tired pup! We look forward to a continued relationship with Puppy Love London as well as the new puppy friends we have made. Cheers!" – Betsy

"I don't know where to start. Danielle is professional, punctual, kind, warm and most importantly... she freaking LOVES dogs. When our regular dog sitter moved, we were feeling really stressed out about what we were going to do. We had a few friends and family willing to help, but we really wanted a reliable, regular dog walker... so we reached out to our friends and so many of them mentioned Danielle from Puppy Love. So, we contacted her and she got back to us right away and within a few days she had us all set up to meet her girls. Danielle is not just amazing with dogs, but she's also amazing with people! She is polite and we 100% trust her in our home. She is amazing with our 2 very energetic dogs, and is very helpful when it comes to our injured dog who has a torn CCL and is on bed rest. Basically, Danielle and her team are AMAZING and we really wouldn't trust anyone else now that we've found her. What a blessing! Thanks so much for keeping our dogs happy and healthy and for everything you do for all the dogs!" – Yoda

"WOW. Where to begin. The best thing about Puppy Love London is their keen ability to very effectively teach their clients everything from basic puppy training to more advanced behavioural modification all while having FUN. I thoroughly looked forward to our Monday night puppy classes, and immediately emailed to sign up for a second course after our first one was over. I have fostered and raised more puppies than I can count, but I was (and am) always learning something new from PLL. I've definitely become a better pet parent as a direct result of that. The trainers are always there for you to help you with whatever you need, even after graduation, and by the time the course was over I think we all felt more like an extended family than a training class. I also highly recommend Puppy Recess. It's such a great (and critical!) part of any puppies' socialization to learn proper play with other dogs, and Puppy Recess gives you and your pup a safe environment to do so, along with experts to help and give advice at quite literally an arm's length away. (And the chance to socialize and play with other puppies/classmates is something no other dog training class I've been to has ever offered.)I really can't say enough good things about Puppy Love London. It takes us 2 hours of travelling time for every class/recess, and I can assure you that PLL is worth every single second. I'm looking forward to many more classes and courses to come!" – Kara

"We LOVE Puppy Love London!!! Our rambunctious retriever Bella started out with puppy classes, and that's where we got to know 3 amazing people. Danielle, Alison and Sophia were the best! Patient, very knowledgeable and most of all they were people that really loved what they were doing. Today Bella is a ninth month old still rambunctious puppy. The difference is, that the instruction we received when she was little, has made her into a well behaved, amazing dog today! All thanks to Puppy Love London!
We are so lucky to have Sophia continue on with our Bella to this day. Twice a week Sophia comes to pick her up for play dates. Bella can hear Sophia's car before she arrives, and excitedly waits at the back gate for her. She always comes back ready for a long nap after an hour with her furry buddies. Puppy Love London exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend their services!" - Lisa

"My husband and I couldn't be happier with Puppy Love London. With busy lives it's incredibly comforting to know that Kathryn is there to look after our sweet Abacus. Danielle is always flexible with the schedule and always fits us in for last minute overtime shifts or busy nights. Abacus LOVES walking with all his neighbourhood friends and my husband and I look forward to reading Kathryn's walking notes about who he hung out with that day and any adventures he had. Bonus days are when she sends you pictures of your pooch livin' the dream and playing hard. Best decision we ever made " - Amy

Puppy Love has been so amazing to my rescue dog Alfred! He is a bit high maintenance but the care and compassion that Danielle, Sophia, and Devan have given is just amazing! I am so happy with Alfred's progress and love that I have a team of amazing dog lovers to help me work with my maniac! Thanks ladies!! - Danielle