Grade 1: Basic Obedience Training
6:30 PM18:30

Grade 1: Basic Obedience Training

Laying the foundation for a well-mannered, socialized and balanced pet is key to long-term success. Let our team help you start off on the right paw by introducing your new puppy or recently adopted dog to basic obedience.

This course covers a variety of commands and every day essentials; several topics are covered, from basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” to teaching your dog how to politely meet other owners and their pets.

Dogs of all ages welcome, but must be friendly. Please see our assessment option if you are unsure of your dog’s suitability for our classes.

Course length: 8 weeks including a human-only introduction class.

*If 6:30 class is full, we may open up a 7:30pm class so please don't hesitate to sign  up

Course cost: REG: $195 + hst

Email for more information or to register!

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Loose Leash Walking Workshop
7:30 PM19:30

Loose Leash Walking Workshop

  • Pathways Holistic Petcare Centre (map)
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Calling all pullers! Five weeks in length, this comprehensive workshop is geared towards dogs who easily lose focus on a walk and excessively pull. We aim to make walking with your dog an enjoyable experience! With a curriculum that concentrates on creating a focused, calm dog while integrating impulse control exercises, we aim to structure your walks in a fun and safe way!

Behaviours covered include impulse control games and relaxed downs. This workshop is hands on and uses obstacle courses with distractions to teach your dog to focus on you in all scenarios, while progressively challenging your skills each week so that you may succeed in the real world!

*$175 plus hst

* No previous class experience required, but dog must be friendly

•   Dog must come with a 6FT Leash and Flat Collar or a harness/Halti. No Flexi’s.

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