Dog Walks and Play Dates

Photo taken by Julie Whelan Photography

We have been walking dogs professionally for over seven years now. Our dog walking team has been trained by our own Puppy Love London trainers and they have ongoing training support to maintain constant professional development. Positive reinforcement methods and proper socialization are always focussed on during dog walks and play times. However, if a dog needs one on one exercise, we offer that too.

DOG WALKING may include walks around the neighbourhood, hikes on trails or walks in parks. At the moment we are offering solo walks only for durations of 15 and 30 minutes.


15 minutes for $15 | 30 minutes for $20 HST extra

+ $5 per additional dog
+ $5 if you want your dog to have a run. Only select walkers offer this, so please request in advance.
+ $10 per visit on statutory holidays

PLAY DATES involve picking up a small group of social dogs that we trust and let them play together in a yard. (We do not go to dog parks). We find this option much safer for the dogs. Dog walks and playdates are currently being offered in Old South, Lambeth, Westmount, Downtown, Old North, Sunningdale, Hyde Park, Oakridge,  and Byron. The dogs play for 45 minutes and are often out of the house for longer because of pick-ups and drop-offs.


45 minutes for $25 | HST extra

+ $5 per additional dog
+ $5 if you want your dog to have a run. Only select walkers offer this, so please request in advance.
+ $10 per visit on statutory holidays


Photo taken by Julie Whelan Photography

Additional Services

Have a new puppy? We can help with crate training, and come 1-2 times daily for quick bathroom and lunch breaks. We can introduce other friendly dogs to encourage proper socialization. Since we have a background in training, we will help set up your puppy for success! Pricing is the same as our dog walking fees.

Getting married? We can act as a taxi service to get your dog to and from photos/ceremony/reception, and can also provide dog care for your guests while you’re all enjoying the wedding! If your guests are in London, we can arrange for special pricing for dog’s of your guests to be seen so that your guests don’t need to rush home as soon as you cut the cake! ($.75 per km, plus time)

Does your cat need a visit while you're away? We love cats too! We are happy to come by to feed your cat, top up water, clean litter boxes, and of course play with and give kitty snuggles! $15,$20, $25 for 15, 30, 45 minutes respectively (+HST)

Away for the weekend? Extended trip away from home?  One of our dog care providers will stay at your house for the duration of your absence. They will come and go during the day, provide an afternoon visit and will stay overnight with your dog. This way, nothing changes in your dog's routine or comfort. They get to stay home, and be included on social outings during the day, and have cozy nights in with a dog-loving human. We are insured and bonded. $65 for one dogs, $75 for two, and $85 for three dogs (+HST) *Price increase by $10 /day to stay with a dog trainer on our team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your team members trained?

3 out of 6 team members are professional dog trainers. The ones who are not have had years of experience with dogs, and receive constant support and training from our trainers. Our team of dog walkers and trainers are first aid trained and certified as well!

Are you insured?

We are insured and bonded which gives our clients ease of mind when leaving their beloved pets with a pet professional.

Do you take photos during visits?

We take really adorable photos and upload them to our social media pages so that you can see what fun your pet is having while you’re at the office or sipping on a Pina Colada on vacation. I mean it, the photos are REALLY cute (check us out on Instagram @puppylovelondon).

What is your training and dog care style?

Our team uses positive reinforcement techniques with your dog at all times. This means no yanking on leash, no “alpha rolls”, and no being forced to do anything they don’t want to do. We prefer kindness and giving your dog a choice. We encourage with treats, and toys and high pitched voices which dogs react positively toward.

What if I have questions about my dog’s health or wellness?

We are here to support you ALL the time. Do you have a health related question, or a training question? Ask us! Use us as one of your pet resources. Collectively we have plenty of experience and resources to utilize concerning what is best for your pet. We LOVE our Puppy Love Family and want to see you and your dog succeed!

How do you communicate with your clients?

Communication is crucial when it comes to hiring a dog walker or pet sitter. We strive to communicate via text message or hand written note each time we see your pet. We like you to know who your dog saw, what they did, if anything was odd or different during the visit. This way you can be assured that your dog has been seen and that things are going smoothly. Scheduling and payments all go through Danielle, but any other communication can happen between clients and your dog’s walkers and/or trainers. Email and text communication is easiest and preferred.

What hours of the day do you offer visits?

We typically offer walking and playdates between 9am-3pm Monday-Friday but we do have felxibility to provide visits before and after those times, and the occassional weekend. We prefer at least 24 hours notice for a visit request, but don’t hesitate to ask for a visit outside of standard hours for your pet. We certainly will help you if we can!

How do I pay?

We bill monthly, the week after the previous month ends. Payment via email money transfer works best!

Do you go to the dog park?

No, we do not take dogs to the dog parks. There are too many variables outside of our control there. Instead, we take a smaller group of dogs that we know are vaccinated and well behaved to play in a private space. Playdates are typically held in fully fenced yards, and toys and water are always accessible.

How much socialization do you provide for dogs?

We cater to each individual dog. If your dog isn’t social with other dogs, that’s okay! We can provide solo walks. If your dog likes to play, we offer playdates! If you want a group walk, we can offer that as well. It is important to us that we have a good social match for your dog if we do group play/walks. If your dog is NOT social but you would like to work on this, our trainers are available for socialization training sessions.

Do you always take the same route when dog walking?

We try to change up our routine and routes so that your dog stays interested and engaged. Playmates and walk mates may vary depending on personality, day of the week, and location. .

Do you have a network of professionals that you collaborate with?

Our trainers work closely with many other trainers, groomers, pet store owners and dog walkers in the city. We have the common goal of providing the best care we can for dog owners, so we work with each other to provide the best possible services to our clients. We will refer back and forth when needed, and it is this sense of teamwork with other pet professionals that makes us special.

Do you offer any discounts for dog walking?

Puppy Love London offers a 10% discount only to people who use our service Monday to Friday. However, we cannot discount our regular walking prices further since we have to account for travel time in between each visit. We take pride in the level of care for the dogs and remaining consistent with the training you have done with your dog.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy for dog walks?

We like to be as flexible as possible, and are always understanding in the case of an emergency. Please note that in the event of needing to cancel a dog walk, we would like to know before 8am the day of. We schedule our days by the 15 minute increment, so every detail matters in terms of planning our day. Since we typically get started around 9am, we need to know of cancellations before 8am to make those last minute adjustments to our schedule. Ideally if you must cancel and you know in advance, the earlier, the better! If you let us know later than 9am, we will need to charge for the visit. Also, if you dog is not there for the agreed upon arrival, you will be charged for the visit as well.