Puppy Love Files: Training Techniques


The dog trainers at Puppy Love London use three main techniques in the training, and we are giving you an inside scoop!

Capturing – Taking a virtual ‘picture’ of the behavior as it occurs. You catch your dog doing something you like, so you reward them for it. For example, your dog lays down on his bed when it’s dinner time, and you drop a treat between his front paws as he’s still laying down as if to say “Thank, Bud. I like that a lot!” Your dog is likely to repeat this behaviour.

Shaping – Rewarding successive approximations towards an ultimate goal. For example, we want our dog to lay on a mat when we eat dinner. To start training this behaviour, we reward any movement toward to mat/any interest in the mat. Next, we can reward if the dog puts a paw on the mat – two paws, then all four. We keep rewarding this succession until our dog knows to go to the mat and lay down before being rewarded. Shaping is marking (and rewarding) each succession of what it takes for your dog to get to the desired location.

Luring – Using food to motivate our dogs to move into certain positions.  We can use a treat to position our dog’s nose up and back, which usually causes dog bring their head back, and bum down, to end in the sitting position. When your dog sits, you can reward. The association of bum to ground = treat encourages them to repeat this behaviour! You can eventually fade the lure, and fade food rewards over time but this initial pairing can help create a strong understand of your “sit” cue.

We look forward to teaching you more! We have some of the best dog trainers in the city who recently titled their own dogs in Obedience. Email info@puppylovelondon.ca to book a class or a private session with them!