Ask a Dog Expert: Welcoming a New Dog to the Family


Q- I am about to adopt a 3 year old lab. What steps should I take to ensure that he feels comfortable and he picks up good behaviours?

Congratulations on your new dog!

1. The first thing I would do would be to take your dog for a walk. Ensure that the collar or harness is properly fitted so you don't run the risk of your dog getting loose.

2. Enroll in a training class or private training sessions depending on his comfort level around other dogs and humans.  Classes are great for socializing and training with distractions. Private sessions are great for addressing specific behaviours in the home (doorbell ringing, counter surfing, etc)

3. Take him to the vet to make sure he is healthy and get the appropriate vaccines

4. Get to know your dog's body language. Dogs tell us a lot but we don't always understand what they are trying to say. Research yourself, or email us to inquire about body language information.

5. Reward any and all good behaviour! We often forget this and are too quick to only correct unwanted behaviours. Let them know what you like and you will have a happy pup moving forward.

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