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About Puppy Love London Discovering what works best for each dog is an enjoyable challenge
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“Discovering what works for each dog is an enjoyable challenge”

Danielle is an energetic, generous and intuitive animal lover with six years of experience as a dog care professional. Using her degree in Psychology and Thanatology, as well as a Business diploma, Danielle has successfully owned and operated Puppy Love London for five years. Most recently she graduated with honours as a Certified Dog Trainer from Animal Behavior College. Danielle’s approach to dog care and training is individualized, consistent and holistic. She customizes training to accommodate a dog’s unique needs, while integrating exercise, socialization and positive reinforcement.

Puppy Love London Services Positive training strategies are incorporated in all walks and visits
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“Positive training strategies are incorporated in all walks and visits”

Visits and Exercise

Offering short outdoor
breaks, neighbourhood
walks, nature hikes, and
socialization activities.

All walks include
positive training strategies
designed to accommodate
your dog's needs.

15 minutes | $15
30 minutes | $20*
45 minutes | $25*

*Add $5 for each
additional dog.

Training Packages

Small group lessons, tailored to
your needs. Resources for
puppies, dogs new to your
home, or refresher
strategies. Each package
consists of 5 sessions that
last 1 hour each.

Basic Obedience
Package | $200
Intermediate Obedience
Package | $200

Problem Solving
$85 | hour
(2-5 sessions recommended)

Private Consultation

Offering coaching and
advice about the following:

Healthy exercise alternatives
Choosing a new dog
The needs of new dogs
Feeding questions
Training strategies
Helpful supplies
Weather work-arounds
Improving relationships
Behaviour issues
Holistic approaches
And more!

$85 | hour

Puppy Love London Contact Information Clients are Family
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“Clients are family”

Phone: (519) 871-9200

Email: danielle@puppylovelondon.ca

For updates and information about
workshops, resources and
more, please visit my blog: